Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random Assortment of Tips - Parties, Kitchen, Personal & Home

Having a party?
-use cake stands to serve the food - stack them for a dramatic display.-pretzel sticks make clever edible toothpicks for cubes of cheese or meat.
-ordinary ice cubes become extraordinary if you freeze mint leaves, citrus wedges or maraschino cherries inside them.
-skip the balloons and save your breath with clusters of paper lanterns instead: they are reusable and you won't waste time blowing them up.

In the kitchen...
-after grating soft cheeses or other sticky foods, use the pulp side of a lemon to remove hard to clean residues.
-lemons are also effective at bleaching and cleaning cutting boards.
-use a turkey baster to simplify (and to keep things neater) portioning out small amounts of liquid and batters.

Health and Beauty:
-to lighten blond hair slightly, simmer two sliced lemons in water for one hour (add more water if necessary). Strain, pour into spray bottle and mist hair. Even more effective if heading out into the sun.
-roast a halved lemon over a flame until the peel turns golden. Remove from heat and mix juice with one teaspoon of honey; drink. Soothes a sore throat.

Around the house:
-skip bleach, add 1/4 to 1/2 cup lemon juice to wash cycle to lighten whites.
-soak a cotton ball in vanilla or apply a few drops of essential oil then place in your vacuum bag before vacuuming. Will scent the rooms as you go.
-if you worry about your plants when going on vacation, poke a tiny hole in the cap of a bottle and stand it cap side down into the soil of your plant pot. The water will drop out slowly, keeping your plant happy.
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