People, Places & Things I Like


m.houser photography - Melissa took our family photo; you can see it by clicking my profile picture.  Love!

The Vancouver Canucks

Questionable Content - webcomic by Jeph Jacques.

Schoolhouse Electric

The Impossible Cool - tumblr.

In-N-Out as well as In-N-Out's Secret Menu 


etsy - some of my favorite things.

Maxence Cyrin Pixies Piano Cover

Rejuvenation - mid century modern lighting.

Emerald Lake Lodge, Yoho National Park

Pinup Girl Clothing

Anarchic Shoes

Wraiths, urban exploration in BC Canada.

Big Chill - retro appliances.

Homegrown Revolution, an indie film about a homesteading family living in urban Pasadena.

Porchlight - vintage section.

Mid Century Living


Trader Joe's 

Dishmaster Faucets

On Becoming a Mother

The Kitchn and Re-Nest , Apartment Therapy

Wild Horses, Rolling Stones

Crestview Doors - retro style exterior door kits.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

Martha Stewart

Antibacterial Products Are Dangerous! 

Get Off the Antibacterial Crazy Train (David Suzuki)

Malm Fireplaces

The Daring Kitchen

Chiasso - Simply Modern Design

Bake It Pretty 

Life Without Plastic

El Camino, San Diego

KitchenAid 90th Anniversary Edition


Allegiant Air 

Mrs. Meyers - earth friendly products.

Atomic Warehouse (may take some time to load merchandise sections)

My Amazon Wish List

Musings of an Abstract Auklander
How About Orange - graphics and textiles designer. 
Simply Recipes
Eat Drink Chic 
Orangette - food.
Retro Renovation
everybody likes sandwiches
The Food Librarian 
6 Year Med
David Lebovitz - food and life in Paris.
The Brick House - renovation of a mid century cement brick house.
Giver's Log - elegant handmade giving.
Tartelette - food. 
The Jason Show - non mainstream life in a mainstream setting.
Ezra Pound Cake - food.
Ginger Corsair - life, style, finance.
One Krusty Mama - life.
Give Me Back My Five Bucks - personal finance.
Frill in the Hills - life and food.

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