Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How To Have A Great First Birthday Party

Yikes, what a picture-forgive my early attempts at food photography! Re posting so that The Kitchn visitors aren't disappointed by a broken link.

The Lego (or building block) cakes: it's embarrassingly easy, I promise.

All you need is a couple of basic cakes (baked from a box or your own homemade), enough frosting (again, from a store bought tub or homemade) tinted with food coloring in traditional lego colors (red, blue, yellow, etc) and large marshmallows (sliced in half).

Cut the cakes into building block shapes (squares and rectangles). Frost. Using a toothpick or skewer to hold the marshmallow half, frost each with appropriate frosting color and carefully place each frosted marshmallow half on the cakes.


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  1. Larina, the cakes look awesome! How did you do that? did you have a special cake pan, or did you make a square cake and then put little cake circles on it? lol

  2. Those Lego cakes are just way too cute! And they wouldn't be hard to make.

  3. I was just as much fun as it looked! We're so glad it went well, you both put a lot of work into it and it paid off. And of course the birthday boy was the star of the show, thanks for throwing a great party, love, auntie M

  4. Krusty - the cakes are all just square cakes that I cut to make whichever design I needed! The circles for the lego are halved marshmallows, they worked perfectly! You can find ALL my cake recipes from Baby Bear's bday on Betty Crocker dot Com - seriously, there are SO many awesome cakes there!!

    Shevy - thank you! The hardest part was the icing!

    Auntie M - thank you both again for everything you helped with, the pictures are so great!!!

  5. I really like your lego cakes. Please consider posting them on my cake website.

    I would love to see yours posted on the site along with all the other cakes. A description of how you did it would be wonderful!


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